Woodsy Era 10 / 11

30.08.10 Grimsby Town v Histon

Back at Histon, pre-season was immediately to the fore. The campaign for August 30th (Bank Holiday), when the Mariners play the Stutes was obviously an early campaign to be planned. Already new recruits Private Scott and Private Carlisle having successfully interviewed for consideration, have been added to the squad – on a trial basis. In addition Webmaster Shaun has been invited to take up the position of IT Consultant and will hopefully soon be available for his debut.

However after considerable discussions, it was decided to "keep our powder dry". Early plans were put on hold and the Innkeeper was dispatched to the home game against Histon F.C. on 30th August 2010 with specific objectives - to build bridges and establish a working relationship with Histon F.C.

The Innkeeper meets Histon F.C representative Angelo Dama (Vice Chairman) outside Blundell prior to negotiations.
The Innkeeper meets Histon F.C representative Angelo Dama (Vice Chairman) outside Blundell prior to negotiations.
More Histon F.C. delegates - the Muncy Clan (NB not Munster) Val, Graham and Murial indicate the serious level of negotiations ahead - note Murials frightening posture.
More Histon F.C. delegates - the Muncy Clan (NB not Munster) Val, Graham and Murial indicate the serious level of negotiations ahead - note Murials frightening posture.

In the Boardroom at Blundel the full Board of Histon F.C. welcome the opportunity to forge a partnership with the Histon Mariners. A most cordial atmosphere was lubricated with "lashings of lemonade" and overcame the despair felt by the Histon contingent after the Mariners magnificent 2 - 1 victory. Eventually after considerable intense discussions a lasting part was agreed:

  1. Histon F.C. would welcome visible evidence of the Histon Mariners at the Glassworld Stadium as proof of their elevated status.
  2. Histon F.C. would become the "other team" of the Histon Mariners.
  3. Histon F.C. would persue all avenues, utilising contacts to sell Histon Mariners in the Middle East. Mr Nasser - representing Algeria would coordinate with the Innkeeper in his role as Logistics Director to establish Histon Mariners International Division with Algeria as the initial base. Ray "the fish" in his role as Youth Development Officer would shortly be deployed to assess the potential.

Main Negotiating Team for the Board of Histon F.C. Mr Phillip Biggs, Russel Hands (Chairman), Angelo Dama (Vice Chairman) and Algerian representative Mr Nasser in the Boardroom at Blundel. They can hardly disguise their excitement after successful negotiations.
Main Negotiating Team for the Board of Histon F.C. Mr Phillip Biggs, Russel Hands (Chairman), Angelo Dama (Vice Chairman) and Algerian representative Mr Nasser in the Boardroom at Blundel. They can hardly disguise their excitement after successful negotiations.

On return to the Red Lion, the Innkeeper was fully debriefed. Concluding he had performed admirably, "ginger beer" was drunk in copious quantities. The ever expanding Mariners Movement was keen to have progressed. An international base was established with more exciting developments to come from the Chairman and Welfare Officers Far Eastern Excursions.

09.11.10 Cambridge v Grimsby Town

Tuesday 9th November - Blue Square stalwarts Cambridge United welcomed the opportunity to entertain the Mighty Mariners. Histon Mariners equally took advantage of this local fixture to prepare for the extravaganza to be staged @ Glassworld Stadium on Monday 3rd January.

Histon Mariners helped local boys Cambridge United by significantly boosting attendance figures and even encouraged many older armchair supporters back to the Abbey Stadium.

Maurice and Tony Hewitts Sign
Maurice and Tony under the Hewitts Sign

President Maurice reflects with Tony Taylor his conversion from a struggling 'U' to a Mighty Mariner.

Bob and Tony
Bob and Tony
Bob, Maurice and Tony
Bob, Maurice and Tony

Tony with missionary zeal explaining the merits of future plans of Histon Mariners. Tony is highly regarded for his insight into the future, particularly of Football Managers.

Les Dean massaging Dave Keeble
Les Dean massaging Dave Keeble

In the Dublin Suite @ Cambridge, Director of Restoration Projects and Fitness Guru Les Dean did his best to resurrect old Cambridge relic Dave Keeble. Andrew (neé Cegelskaite) Hurst eagerly anticipates the therapeutic benefits of a session with the Dean.

Neville and Les
Neville and Les

Chairman Neville congratulates Les on his sterling efforts but is doubtful on the likely benefits given the poor quality of material on which he was working. The Dublin Suite witnessed many pre-match tactical discussions, the ferocity of which necessitated 'lashings of lemonade'.

Ray the fish and Neville
Ray The Fish and Neville

Above Neville can be seen demonstrating his oratory skills reminiscent of some of the most famous and infamous demagogue speakers: the Histon Mariners are blessed to have such a magnificent public speaker. Here Ray The Fish can only marvel at Neville's antics. The audience was truly left speechless. (P.S. Neville is available for after dinner engagements, on a buy-one-get-one-free basis).

Scott, Maurice, Ray The Fish, Mark, Ashley
Scott, Maurice, Ray The Fish, Mark, Ashley

After Neville's inspirational talk, new recruits Scott and Ashley were invited to join President Maurice and Ray The Fish for celebratory 'Ginger Ales'. Mark (neé) Carlisle (2nd from right) could not wait to join the Histon Mariner family. Always one for a family environment, Mark as Chairman Neville's son-in-law eagerly took advantage of extending family connections. Mark himself said, "The inspirations that my father-in-law spreads is so infectious, I couldn't wait any longer to throw my brushes in with the Histon Mariners. I hope over the following months of the season to emulate so much that my father-in-law has achieved. As a first step, I now offer to decorate one room free for every one done to all Histon Mariners. UTM!"

Maurice, Claudine, Neville
Maurice, Claudine, Neville

Commercial Manager of Cambridge United Claudine (marginally more attractive than Dave Smith and also never played against Sutton United) can hardly contain her excitement as she welcomes the President and Chairman of Histon Mariners and thanks them for making the evening at Cambridge such a memorable occasion for the locals.

The match itself almost pales into insignificance, given the nature of the occasion especially for local fans. Obviously the Mighty Mariners were mugged again (at least Dick Turpin was honest enough to wear a mask). It should not be dwelt on that the match officials wore yellow and black kit – such are the regular obstacles that Mariners have become accustomed. However all-in-all it provides some comfort to give a small taste of the big time to long-term Blue Squarers and share with them the Champagne life-style you can take for granted as a Histon mariner.

20.11.10 Grimsby Town v Barrow

Grimsby Town v Barrow Ticket
Grimsby Town v Barrow Ticket

Considerable ramblings have been heard around Cleethorpes this season at the apparent lack of Histon Mariner activity. In defence considerable developments have been evolving behind the scenes. Apart from various overseas developments (including a Hawaiian branch) the Chairman and Welfare & Recruitment Officer having been Breathing new life into a Stansted Branch – very useful with the rapid expansion of Mariners Overseas.

However Saturday 20th November witnessed a buzz of excitement in Cleethorpes when news broke of the imminent arrival of the Histon Mariners.

Neville, Les
Neville, Les

Evidence of the level of excitement can be seen here as the Chairman and Fitness Guru prepare for the day ahead with a ‘fruit smoothie’ at Willy’s. The traffic jam outside can be clearly seen and the thronging masses inside Willy’s illustrates just how difficult it has become for the Histon Mariners to live a normal existence. Histon Mariner Mania is here for good...

Les, Neville, Rule
Les, Neville, Rule

The relentless drive to satisfy world-wide demand for Mariner merchandise is a priority issue for the Chairman. Here Chairman Neville discusses the range of products and given his international sales and marketing experience in the domestic DIY sector everyone including Mr Dean and Mr Rule are mesmerised. A unique insight into the Chairman’s incredible plans were revealed when he spoke of Black and White striped coving that potentially could stay up in line with the Promotion chasing Mariners.

NB A couple of cheeky intruders sneaking into the bottom of the picture. These young fanatics need watching; you never know where they could end up...!

Dave Smith, Steven Watt, Innkeeper, Neville
Dave Smith, Steven Watt, Innkeeper, Neville

Pre-match, Dave Smith encourages Chairman Neville and the Innkeeper to give injured Steven Watt a boost by meeting him and sharing the benefits of Histon Mariner support. As a result we are confident Steven will quickly recover full fitness and return to first team duties. On this occasion it was considered to send Fitness Guru Les Dean to the bar for a jug of Blackcurrant Cordial.

The level of Histon Mariner activity in all honesty has been relentless. As a result the Innkeeper, quite understandably, took advantage of those few moments when the Mariners were not pressing to sneak a few seconds of '‘shut-eye’'.

Innkeeper lying asleep
Innkeeper lying asleep
Innkeeper sitting asleep
Innkeeper sitting asleep

Several people in the McMenemy's Suite were truly sympathetic, given the relentless mental and physical pressure on the Histon Mariners. Mr Rule, known for his caring and sympathetic attitude proved ‘hard but fair’ when announcing ‘'No sympathy’ for this sad state of affairs as it was a result of failing to grow old graciously and excessive pre-match preparations the previous evening'.

Ever determined to take advantage of any situation for the benefit of the Histon Mariners, Chairman Neville and Mr Dean utilise the scenario to push forward the campaign.

Innkeeper asleep with poster
Innkeeper asleep with poster

Consistency is a wonderful attribute and quite unbelievably once again the Mighty Mariners were robbed. A failure to convert about a dozen chances may not have helped but the woodwork at Blundel should at least be on our side. At some stage Lady Luck will side with the Mariners and Wood’s team will get their just deserts.

Post match activity continued at a frantic pace. As per usual the first point of call was the ever welcoming Imperial Club.

Neville distributing refreshments
Neville distributing refreshments

The Chairman organised post-match refreshment and after initially being in reflective mood quickly assumes his usual happy, jovial warm demeanour and leads his troops with unabated glee.

Neville arms up
Neville at his jolly and inspirational best
Rule, Neville, Les asleep
Rule, Neville NB Les asleep

Neville’s inspirational leadership soon sends Mr Rule into recruitment overdrive with Les asleep. Mr Rule had demonstrated at Burton a natural talent when recruitment and the post Barrow match suggested no waning of his energies.

Rule and Linda
Rule and Linda

Here Mr Rule pursues one of his most difficult challenges. Linda a well known celebrity in the Imperial Club was somewhat reluctant to join the Histon Mariners, when President Maurice made initial approaches in season 2009-10. Linda perhaps distraught at the Mariners relegation struggles, politely and poetically suggested to Maurice that this was not a suitable time and perhaps a further chat at some future time might serve the cause better.

There have been further conversations since with Linda, whose time is taken with her other interests of poetry and diplomatic studies. Mr Rule however is not one to miss an opportunity and soon Linda succumbs to his persuasive charm and is now a prominent supporter of the Histon Mariners in Cleethorpes.

Rule and 2 females
Rule explains the offside rule.

Mr Rule’s energy proves quite remarkable. Here he explains the offside rule to Rachel and friends using props and language only women can understand. The outcome was clearly another successful venture, the Histon Mariners roll on.

Newly discovered venue the Riverside Bar has been eagerly incorporated into Histon Mariner folklore.

Les, Neville and Rule at Riverside
Les, Neville and Rule at Riverside

Inside Mr Rule incredibly continues recruitment, explaining and answering questions about the Histon Mariners.

Rule and 2 potential recruits
Rule and 2 females

The above clearly shows 2 disillusioned Mariners supporters whose interest is invigorated by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable technique of the Welfare Officer.

The Schooner Bar another Histon Mariner favourite is particularly marvellous in warmer weather, when the tremendous outside area is supplemented by excellent music choice.

The Smugglers always provides a warm welcome. The excitement on the staffs faces when Chairman Neville announces our arrival has to be seen to be believed.

Neville smugglers
Neville smugglers

The Chairman is now a well respected, authoritative figure in the Smugglers and locals often seek his words of wisdom on many subjects.

Neville with admirers
Neville with admirers

Whilst Neville spreads the Histon Mariner message and other sundry antidotes of wisdom, Mr Dean our very own Fitness Guru helps Mr Rule recover after a frantic evening of campaigning. Below, Mr Dean can be seen helping Mr Rule with a brief refreshment break. Incredibly even during a brief interlude of rest and refreshment Mr Rule cannot dismiss the possibility of a new recruit.

Les and Rule at bar
Les and Rule at bar

The Chairman’s love of the Smugglers has been mentioned and his status here alluded at. Neville as always, planning for the future continues to make arrangements for the Histon Mariners.

Neville and Julie
Neville and Julie

Landlady Julie welcomes the Histon Mariners and is fully supportive of the campaign. We sincerely hope a long and lasting relationship will provide the bedrock and foundations for many glorious campaigns ahead.

OXO crisps all round!

Histon Mariner poster

The excitement leading up to the Mariners visit to Histon was phenomenal even without the victory against Mansfield (7 - 2). Inevitably expectations were high - surely that result could not be matched?

2 Gnomes
The Gaffer and friend adopt 7UP as their favourite drinkg following the massacre of Mansfield.

Monday January 3rd 2011 - Super Mariners descend upon Histon

Pre-match preparations at the Red Lion were intense. Under the Hewitts sign President Maurice and Chairman Neville continue their relentless trawl to find the nations finest codlings.

Mattie and friends
Mattie, the gaffer and friend, Maurice and Neville oversee an intense training session with hot prospect John Boy. His dietry plan is discussed in detail.

Ray The Fish, our local man in Cleethorpes clocks up thousands of miles per week in his relentless "Trawl For Talent". Here below 3 of his great finds Jimmy the Gill, John Boy and Keenan show great promise as they train under the Hewitts sign.

President, Chairman and 5 supporters

Whilst the youth development programme continued at a pace, elsewhere in the Red Lion, Mariners were excited at the prospect of meeting the President and Chairman. One such lucky shoal knew they had arrived at the right Plaice and can be seen here in a Skate of euphoria.

President, Chairman and 5 supporters
As usual Ian, Becky, Garath, Tesco Man and Ray awaited the arrival of President Micky Jewell. Their great disappointment soon disappears when President Maurice and Chairman Neville provide a morale booster during pre-match preparations.

Tesco Man could not believe his luck - meeting the President and Chairman, a Tesco Express only yards away all in the company of fellow Mariners (Micky Jewell excepted). It was no surprise to his comrades who were still Reeling from him being AWOL from the Burton game last season.

At the Glassworld Stadium

Fighting through the masses en route to the Glassworld Stadium reminded us all of similar crowds when Turncoat threatened to buy a round in September 2004.

Histon Mariners continued the policy of re-invigorationg local celebrities, as they did for the benefit of Cambridge United. As a result a plethora of local 'big wigs' joined the Boards of Grimsby Town, Histon and of course the leadership of the Histon Mariners. For pre-match refreshments and intense analysis of the forthcoming match.

Mattie and 2 gnomes
Mattie is joined by the gaffer and friend at the bar of Histon F.C. 7UP still the preferred drink of the day - could this be the onset of a world-wide link up with the worlds number 1 soft drinks company?

A sumptous feast ensued. Bonhomie all-round with a level of excitement hard to imagine.

Afterwards the crowds demanded a few words from Histon Mariners leading lights. An emotional President couldn't manage to speak, he was beginning to see the realisation of his life-time work. Neville our world famous after dinner speaker was so excited his blood was almost boiling and generously gave the Innkeeper the opportunity to speak on Histon Mariners behalf.

The Innkeeper explains the concept of the Histon Mariners and the wider implications for real football supporters.
NB Local dignatory and Histon fanatic Declan Deane marvelling at the scale and ambition of the Histon Mariners.

The Vice-Chairman of Histon F.C. Angelo Dama was so overcome with emotion on the day and can be seen here choking on his words when trying to emphasize the benefits that Histon have enjoyed since forming "an understanding" with the Mariners on their trip to Blundell on August 20th 2010.

Innkeeper and Angelo
The Innkeeper consoles Angelo as he breaks down in emotional turmoil.
Innkeeper and Graham Eales
Graham Eales PR Director of Histon F.C. is never slow in spotting an opportunity - seen here with the Innkeeper.
NB Declan Deane still in total awe.

Not withstanding the dealings of the Histon Mariners at International, National and Board level, it is a fundamental element of an ever evolving philosophy that without the genuine support of true football followers, all would be futile.

The development of a real bond between Mariners everywhere with the Histon Mariners is increasingly evident.

Mattie and Innkeeper
The masses who flocked to the Glassworld Stadium look truely inspired when meeting Mattie and the Innkeeper.
Mariner Supporters
True Mariner fanatics demonstrate a serious side of the cause - all is not fun and games.

After a stunning 6 - 1 victory (following a 7 - 2 victory against Mansfield) crowd hysteria demanded a public appearance of President Maurice and Chairman Neville. The Man of the Match award was presented to Charles Ademeno and after a few inspirational words from Chairman Neville (reminiscent of his inter-war contemporary demogogue friends) the crowd was slowly persuaded to leave.

Ademeno, Neville, Maurice, Clerima
Chairman Neville discussing Ademeno's fitness regime and offers help and advice. The effects of our inspirational Chairman (himself a fitness fanatic) were soon apparent, when Ademeno had a 6 week layoff following an operation. President Maurice is seen consoling a shell-shocked Remy Clerima of Histon F.C.

Histon Mariners would like to thank those that visited the Red Lion and all Mariners who made the day memorable.

22.01.11 Grimsby Town vs Crawley Town

The home fixture against Crawley witnessed one of the most amazing turnarounds in recent sporting history.

The Welfare & Recruitment Office had been devoting some considerable proportion of his time on Project Turncoat. Much of his work was under the radar of publicity and accordingly little appreciated. On the Friday beforehand, with Mr Rule deployed on alternative duties Turncoat offered a remorsful and lengthy confession to the Innkeeper. The results were aweinspiring:

Turncoat wanted to return to the fold! He had been misled and was ready to explain his error to Messrs Tabor and Balham.

The Logistics Director made the valiant effort to escort Turncoat on his journey of redemption. Much philosophical and heartfelt remorse was forthcoming from Turncoat.

Reg @ Willy's
A remorsful Turncoat reflects on his isolation over the past 12 months whilst at Willy's Bar. A pint of Ginger Beer Shandy lubricates the confessional process.
Reg outside Willy's
On leaving Willy's for Blundell, Turncoat can be seen here as if the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders.

News of Turncoats return created a buzz of excitement around Blundell. The relief, gratitude and sheer joy was clearly evident in Turncoat.

Reg, Lee Ridley, Innkeeper and Dave Smith
Lee Ridley on behalf of the team and Dave Smith on behalf of the Club Officials are clearly overjoyed at Turncoats return. Turncoat himself looks positively jubilant.

Turncoat in extacy

On the return journey to Histon H.Q., Turncoat could not wait to reveal his successful rehabilitation. Mr Tabor and Mr Balham would be proud of his return to the fold and finally appreciate the unstinting devotion to an alleged lost cause by the Welfare Officer.

12.02.11 Grimsby Town v Cambridge

Grimsby Town v Cambridge Ticket
Grimsby Town v Cambridge Ticket

The long awaited visit to Blundell for Cambridge Supporters was facilitated by Histon Mariners who continued their inclusive education policy by inviting some to join them on their excursion to Cleethorpes.

The response from the Cambridge faithful was underwhelming and eventually two of the infamous 'U's joined the Histon Mariners for the trip.

As the crowds flocked to Cleethorpes Sea-Front to see their heroes, the Innkeeper demonstrated the attention to detail (some would say) so vital to the Histon Mariners.

Seafront with Innkeeper sweeping
Innkeeper warming up with broom.
Note the bent knee and rather fancy footwork.
Note the bent knee and rather fancy footwork.

The military precision of the Mariners was soon evident, meeting at 1115hrs at Willy's on the day of the match. Whilst Histon Mariners fell into line, the 2 'U's were late on parade. At Willy's Senior Officers re-confirm details of manouvres ahead.

The Dean & Scott
Here the Dean launches straight into a vigorous training session with debutant Scott.
Neville on phone
The chairman take calls from the worldwide media on the latest manouvres of the Histon Mariners. No doubt his diary of after dinner speeches is fairly full. The Welfare and Recruitment Officer in equally diligent form. Debutant Mark C. looks on in awe.
Tom, Fletch and Maurice
Here the President welcomes the Cambridge diehards Fletch and Thomas to the 'Cleethorpes Experience'. He explains the aims and objectives of the Histon Mariners. Tony Taylor - himself once a Cambridge Fanatic, looks at home in Willy's. However Tony famous for his insights into the Managerial Merry-go-round contains his misgivings.
Nevilles 7
Potential Mariner Scott, flanked by bedazzled 'U's, Fletch and Thomas.

Local Recruitment Officer Ray-The-Fish meets up with the Histon Mariners at McMenemy's, after his early morning trawl.

Fletch, Tom, Ray the Fish and Rule
Ray The Fish answers his questions from Tom and Fletch whilst the Welfare and Recruitment Officer gives the sumptuous feast his full attention.
Rule on a break
Rule takes a breather between courses. Tom texts back to Cambridge about the wonders of Blundell, whilst Fletch seeks diving intervention on Cambridge's behalf.
The Dean & Rule
Fitness guru The Dean, assists Rule with dietry advice, which is diligently adhered to.
Nevilles 8
Mark C appears incredulous at the intensity of the Deans dietry advice to Mr Rule.

Fletch and Tom were continually entranced with the Blundell Experience, Mariners superstars Peter Bore and Tom Corner took time out to meet them in support of the Histon Mariners campaign.

Tom, 2 players and Fletch
Fletch and Tom cannot believe their good fortune in meeting to Mariner Legends.

Given the result, it would appear Fletch's prayers were answered (see photo above).

A magnificent opening onslaught saw the Mariners only one-up after 20 minutes instead of a more realistic 3. Cambridge steadily came back into the game, eventually securing an unbelievable draw. The Cambridge Manager (evidently well known along the Newmarket Road) was certainly due some beginners luck. However comparing his team to Real Madrid clearly demonstrates a state of mind that can only be made sense of in the context of the 'Blundell Experience' or excess cherryade.

Keep The Faith
Support Mr Fenty and the Board. UTM.

Afterwards at our immediate post match venue The Imperial Club, the President called for an indepth review.

Maurice, Neville and The Dean
The President dispense words of wisdom. The Chairman listen intently and the Dean catches 40 winks. Fresh Grapefruit Juice facilitates the process.

The President was very concerned with morale and made continual efforts to lead and lift the spirits of his trusted officers.

The Dean, Maurice
Maurice listens to the Dean's proposals on extending and raising the profile of his Fitness Campaign.

Whilst the Histon Mariners recouperated, refocused and prepared for the future, Fletch and Thomas continued to bask in reflected glory.

Fletch and Tom
Fletch overjoyed with his experience: Thomas continues the process of self-education @ Schooners.
The Dean and Neville
Whilst the Chairman looks to the future, the Dean catches 40 more winks.
Neville, Mark C and Scott
A reinvigorated Chairman inspires Mark C and Scott who are determined to become Histon Mariners.

By the time the Smugglers was reached, the locals were ecstatic with the return of the Histon Mariners.

As the evening wears on the Welfare and Recruitment Officer is away organising food... surprisingly. The Chairman orders Oxo Crisps at the Bar.
Fletch and Tom
The welcome received by the Histon Mariners at the Smugglers astounded Fletch and Thomas. Here they reflect on the events of an extraordinary day.

After a full day the Histon Mariners return to Willy's only to be presented with the full buffet organised by Mr Rule.

Rule and food
Mr Rule checks the buffet to assess its quality before inviting the other Mariners and new recruits to feast.
Mark C and Scott
Mark C and Scott raise a lemonade to toast the Histon Mariners.

The wonder at the extent of the work of the Histon Mariners is an ever-present.

Mark C, Rule and Fletch
Mark C considers his future as a Mariner, Mr Rule continues recruitement and Fletch cannot get his words out to express his gratitude.

With regards to Turncoats continued rehabilitation he is currently consolidating foundation stones in the Far East initially laid by the Chairman, Welfare and Recruitment Office and Turncoat himself is early 2010. The work often progresses without fuss and we are confident Turncoat will deposit many seeds that will in due course bear fruit.

Keep The Faith!
Onwards and Upwards.

09.04.11 Grimsby Town v Kidderminster (3 – 3)

Grimsby Town v Kidderminster Ticket
Grimsby Town v Kidderminster Ticket

Without the full support of other Histon Mariners (many on alternative duties) the logistics director paid a fleeting visit to Blundell to discuss the Youth Development Programme with the officer in charge Ray “The Fish”.

Exciting plans were drawn up for a preseason tour of the Baltic. The Baltic is a plaice well known to Ray, given his fishing background. The Innkeeper would conduct a trawl with Mattie, looking at various young prospects & develop Baltic connections.

On the day the opportunity to meet new bosses Rob Scott & Paul Hurst were briefly conducted behind closed doors but the Baltic excursion was warmly welcomed.

Lee Ridley & Steve Watt meet up with Ray “the Fish”& the Innkeeper.
Legend Dave Boylen took the opportunity to give injured Lee Ridley & Steve Watt a moral booster by meeting up with Ray “the Fish”& the Innkeeper.

Keep The Faith!


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