2023 - 2024 : Current Campaign

14.07.23 Grimsby Borough 1 v 5 GTFC

08.07.23 Cleethorpes Town 1 v 2 GTFC

15.07.23 GTFC 1 v 2 Hull City

European Campaign ‘23 - Alicante

18.07.23 Qatar SC 1 v 0 GTFC

21.07.23 Port Vale 1 v 1 GTFC
@ Real Club de Golf Campoamor Resort, Alicante.

A tremendous start to the seasons Histon Mariner Campaign saw the fruits of the previous seasons liaison with Alicante Mariner Sergio. It would be difficult to find a more enjoyable location to kick-off The Campaign in Town’s 146th season.

A picture often betters a thousand words :

The B&W Army congregate on arrival.
Temporarily conducting affairs as Oldham Mariner, Lewis from Grimsby made early contact with Histon M’s.

Mattie Mariner as ever at the heart of so much activity was eager to hit The Campaign Trail.

An early thirst-quencher.
At Harry’s, something to sustain the efforts ahead.

The next day being the main day based around the fixture v The Valiants necessitated a prematch planning meeting @ Drakkar’s

A full programme of activity was organised with Jolly Boy representative Rear Admiral Mitchell and Manchester Mariner Rob, pictured with Drakkar mine-host.
During discussions, Rob added weight to his dads renowned decision making reputation. He explained and expanded on the trouble he went to in constructing a rather elaborate gateway to Peaks Parkway in readiness for Towns new ground……!!! Alas construction is yet to get underway, the gateway will shortly be ready for renovation but rest assured Rear Admiral Mitchell Is fully prepared.

The following provided for a unique 10.00 kick-off at the Real Club de Golf Campoamor.

Four thirty minute sessions produced a 1 v 1 scoreline during which Town probably ran out the morale victors. Clearly the temperature was a significant factor in what was self evidently a further step in preparing for the soon to be new season. Unsurprisingly a call for extra-time fell on deaf ears!

Rear Admiral Mitchell was as ever fully
prepared for a turn of weather and any
sudden drop in temperature….Robert had
seen it all before !

What was particularly noticeable was the emerging ‘team spirit’, so much part of Paul Hurst’s mantra. After the final whistle the opponents quickly dispersed whereas The Mighty Mariners team and staff stayed, mingled with The B&W Army, chatting, signing ephemera and participating in photographic opportunities.

An enthralled Charles Vernam listened intently to the ‘wise’ words of The Rear Admiral……Robert had heard it all before!
Paul Hurst welcomed Mattie and HM, wishing them well for the forthcoming campaign.
Having sponsored Paul for the best Part of a decade, an administrative error at the Club had meant HM were to transfer sponsorship for 2023/24
HM Sponsorship for 2023/24 would be of Michee Efete. After consolidating in L2 last season Michee would be looking to advance his career alongside Towns ambition for a top seven finish.
Nick, Phil, Tom & Martin
It would be an unusual occurrence for any Town game for the HM not to meet up with fellow campaigners from The New Imperial Club - the trip to Spain was no different.
New Imp Carl and HM shared logistic notes for the forthcoming season.

GTFC had clearly made an impression in Spain with locals as a result keen to meet up with Mattie and all things Town.

On the evening at the end of the training camp the players were delighted to join The Histon Mariners at Draakers Bar. With great camaraderie self evident Paul Hurst had without doubt built a team mentality. Whether they proved good enough time would tell. But without doubt all bode well……

Some players were particularly keen to engage with the Histon Mariners. Danny Amos and Luke Waterfall, aware of past associations, were most engaging. Some of the newer players were obviously aware of Mariner history.

Luke Hackwood was unfortunate not to encounter ‘words of wisdom’ from the Rear Admiral. Rob was happy to oblige.

In all a wonderfully successful mission born out of communications via Sergio/El Cid in the previous season. It was hopefully thought to be the start of a long and fruitful relationship.

25.07.23. GTFC v 0 Lincoln City

26.02.23 Boston 3 v 2 GTFC

29.02.23 Fleetwood 1 v 0 GTFC

05.08.23 GTFC 0 v 0 AFC Wimbledon

The opening day of the season always has an aura about it unlike any other fixture in the season.
The hopes and expectations whilst swirling round in people’s heads are almost tangible as fans gather for what has traditionally been a bumper opening day crowd. Old routines are re-adopted, whilst a risk may be taken in changing the odd (very odd) one. On this day a differentscarf was chosen……if 3 points were to be the the outcome, a new routine would be established.
Acquaintances are re-established and friendships are reinvigorated occasionally via ingurgitation… Train Woes are likely to be encountered, as is the plummeting of expectations at 16.50. The glorious summer sunshine would make February away days to far off distant lands seem but a quirk of one’s imagination. And so be it.

With new scarf being trailed, the cycle ride to Cambridge station was akin to what would normally be expected mid-February. Arriving drenched to find the planned 06.58 train was cancelled being a stark reminder of the nine month trawl ahead.
However meeting up with Cherry Hinton Mariner Andrew - renowned ‘Rail Guru’ - who would navigate the necessary reconfiguration with aplomb, reiterated the season was truly underway.

Given the retirement of Kim & Francis at Ginnie’s the search for a new base-camp was again on the agenda. The Vines proved a perfectly good functional option though it’s location made adhering to established routines difficult. Having gone ‘off piste’ with a new scarf, further divergence would be a step too far. The AFC Wimbledon fixture would be the first home game ever that Willys was not the first port-of-call for the Histon Mariners!

Rather riskily The Notts was the stating point for the 2023/24 season. However ‘fortune favours the brave’. For the first time since some time BC (Before Covid), re-engagement with long standing associate of The Campaign, Melbourne Mariner David Kenwery, occurred. Whilst recounting past exploits, Dave admitted to torn loyalties because of having a house in Wimbledon and meeting up with Wombles in Cleethorpes.

The encounter with Dave and wandering Wombles proved a great reminder of the great depth of shared values and camaraderie amongst Real Football Supporters. Not to be taken for granted, the continuing importance of The Histon Mariner Campaign was re-energised as kick-off approached.

Dave with Wombles Hazel, Don, The Innkeeper, an incognito Sean & ‘No I’s Tuesday’ Ian.

09.08.23 Mansfield Town 2 v 0 GTFC - League Cup

12.08.23 Notts County 3 v 2 GTFC

Notts County v GTFC Ticket
Notts County v GTFC Ticket

One of the few games that Town should necessarily have to change shirts - also v Newcastle, Juventus and St.Mirren!

Great memories from the last visit to Meadow Lane would have no baring on this game but inevitably on the first visit back from that memorable occasion much of the talk revolved around that game and the rest of the play-off campaign.

Nottingham had always been a most hospitable destination and this day was no exception. The B&W Army were out in force particularly at the iconic Ye Trip To Jerusalem.

At Ye Trip New Imperial Mariner Carl and the Histon Mariners reconvened after their Spanish sojourn.
The initial coming together of the Chesterfield and Histon Mariners was as has come to be expected successfully enacted.

Further options in Nottingham are always many but Castle Rock’s Canalhouse Bar is invariably on the agenda. Such a regular venue can induce a feeling of deja vu. A clearly excited Chesterfield Mariner Ian did well to focus on all things Town given his Canadian wedding attendance post match ……..via zoom ! As ever a phlegmatic Doncaster Mariner Paul retained a ‘detached interest’

Such is the plethora of choice in Nottingham new opportunities continually present themselves. This day was to be no exception.

En route to Gay Meadow the Fellows, Moreton & Clayton stood out as being worthy of future investigation.

2818 Mariners congregated for the first away fixture of the season. Inevitably much of the talk was about the previous visit for the play-off eliminator in 2021. Given today was the first meeting since then, Magpie revenge was high on the agenda. It was also the Magpies first home game back in the league, a stern test was expected.

At the start of any season re-engagement with the excitement of the unknown was felt throughout the football world. Re-engagement with old friends and fellow supporters was the duel privilege of Real Football Supporters.

Very old associate of The Histon Mariners Steve Gibson re-engaged in eager anticipation of the season ahead.

15-08-2023 GTFC 2 v 0 Salford City

19-08-2023 GTFC 1 v 1 Mansfield Town

26-08-2023 Walsall 1 v 1 GTFC

29-08-2023 GTFC 2 v 2 Manchester City u21 - EFL Trophy
                           (2 v 4 after penalties)

02-09-2023 GTFC 2 v 0 Gillingham

05-08-2023 Barnsley 2 v 0 GTFC - EFL Trophy

09-09-2023 Bradford City 1 v 1 GTFC

Bradford City v GTFC Ticket
Bradford City v GTFC Ticket

Match moved to 12.30 to accommodate television - football followers being more important (financially) than Football Supporters - was surely a sign of things to come.

16.09.23 Wrexham A.F.C. 3 v 0 GTFC

Wrexham A.F.C. v GTFC Ticket
Wrexham A.F.C. v GTFC Ticket

The 06.58 train from Cambridge foretold the reality of the long day ahead but a fraction of the drama -in Towns favour - witnessed at The Mariners last visit to the Racecourse ground would more than justify the efforts made.

23.09.23 GTFC 2 v 3 Crawley Town

Up The Mariners! 

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