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12.07.2019 - Grimsby Town F.C. Youth Development Association Golf Day

To all intent and purposes the 2019-20 Campaign began at what has become an integral part of the Histon Mariner Campaign, at Grimsby Golf Club, this year on Friday 12th July. Landbeach Mariner Andy Dickson led his depleted band of desperado’s northwards in support of the great efforts of Steve Fenty and his team who organise The Grimsby Town Golf Day, raising funds for The Youth Development Association.
Michael Jolley was the only manager of the 92 League clubs to play 3 scholars in the first team in the 2018-2019 season. The progress being made of so much home-grown talent in and around the first team is testimony to the great work of Neil Woods and his team. The Histon Mariners are proud to be able to “do their bit”.

Mr.Dickson, this year dispensed with a chauffeur, which he declared would ensure dinning at his favoured venue without getting lost in the car park - “no one does it better”.

Surprisingly Mr.D only stopped once for sustenance en route.
However after "the kingsize full English”, he could not resist the sweet display, into which he made considerable inroads.
“An Engine needs stoking”
Prior to commencement, Mr.Pearson proved to be of a sturdy enough constitution to support Mr.D. much to the admiration of golfing aficionados Brian Nunn and Ian Coutts.

It was a great compliment to the Histon Mariner Campaign that such Golfing Legends as Brian and Ian we’re keen to partner Messrs. D & P.

One would not have believed such a glorious sunny day could have been brightened up any more, however the appearance of some of the rich and famous of N.E.Lincs proved such an assumption to be a fallacy. Not only was the day brightened up even more but the level of sporting prowess on display beggared belief.

The Jolley Boyz Quartet would provide stiff/rigor-mortis competition for The Histon Mariners. Judith C., Mike R., Paul and Stuart W., had received expert coaching and guidance from Pete R. who stayed in the clubhouse with a ready supply of tea and bacon rolls, in conference with Histon Mariner Logistic Manager.

Anxious that Judith would adhere to the playing route rather than the tourist route, Team Manager Pete made the shrewd announcement beforehand that Paul would lead as Group Commander with First Mate Stuart in admiral support.

Supisingly Mr.Dickson despite the import of local knowledge and guile, did not lead the Histon Mariners to glory on the course. Afterwards at dinner, he did provide an insightful and illuminating analysis, between oversize courses, to anyone who would listen.

Mr.Pearson having heard much (if not all) before appears a little less attentive than enthralled team mates Ian Coutts and Brian Nunn.
Mr.Pearson commiserates with Brian and applauds his tenacity for ‘sticking it out’.
Mariner Legend Tony Ford was on hand to congratulate Jolley Boyz leg-end Paul for getting round the course.

Amidst the golfing myths and legends, the serious business of the forthcoming season was considered. Histon Mariner Logistics Director passed on the thoughts and ideas of the Chairman to a very appreciative Michael Jolley and Neil Woods.

Such was the intensity of the long, arduous day of dining, golfing and after-dinner speaking, that Mr.Dickson failed to notice that team mates Brian and Ian had successfully slipped away for respite care.

After much analysis and a modicum of liquid refreshment at Dock Beers, The Notts, Smugglers and Willy’s, Mr. Pearson with a final glass of chilled mineral water is able to pass on everyone’s gratitude to Mr.D. who himself, is finally able to relax with a nice warming cup of Ovaltine.

19 / 20.07.2019 - Mattie’s Final Pre-season Tour

Mattie invited Histon Mariner Logistics Director and Honorary Director, Ray The Fish for coordinating talks in York in order to keep the Chairman abreast of developments and the ongoing Campaign.

The pace and intensity of proceedings initiated by Mattie continues to inspire, motivate and drive on Histon Mariner Officials. With business being the Order Of The Day little time existed for recreational pursuits on the Friday. The choice of venues proved uplifting and assisted to create an optimistic, realistic outlook for the forthcoming season.

At The Maltings

At The Golden Fleece

At The Lamb & Lion Inn

At The Blue Boar

At The Guy Fawkes Inn

With business essentially completed on the Friday, Mattie encouraged a little ‘down time’ with the possibility of transcending the usual conventional thoughts regarding The Campaign.

Further discussions with Cropper and The Fish.
Mattie encourages Roy Cropper to think ahead, look to the future and prepare to brief the Chairman.

To seal a very productive weekend Mattie encourages Histon Mariner Logistics Manager in a brief moment of relaxation.

The success of the seminars held in York encouraged, The Fish to report to Blundel and confer with The Mighty Mariners prior to the seasons kick-off.
Max Wright, club Captain James McKeown, Michael Jolley and Andrew Limbrick found The Fish’s report stimulating and a helpful input to pre-seasons preparations.

See :

03.08.2019 Morecambr 0 v 2 GTFC

Opening fixture unattended due to prearranged booking in church for a Christening in Windsor.

  1. Swindon away was hoped for as the first game - would have held out some hope of attending.
  2. With many more games in the season, politics necessitated cards were played correctly.
  3. A perfect place to pray for good fortune.
  4. A Christening on the first weekend of the season - ‘a sign’ ?

10.08.19 GTFC 1 v 1 Bradford City

GTFC v Bradford City Ticket
GTFC v Bradford City Ticket

A great challenge for the first home game, against many people’s favourite for promotion. The Histon Mariners travelled north with cautious optimism and a focused sense of realism.
Considering his efforts in the past week at Whaley Bridge, it was a remarkable effort for The Histon Mariner Director of Urban Regeneration and Engineering Projects (UREP) to travel north. However with new ground rumors prevalent his attendance was welcomed (see, GTFC v Oldham 18-9-2018 last season......!!!)

Enroute to Cleethorpes Mr. O’M discusses with Derby Mariner Dan ongoing developments.

It was no great surprise that news had reached Cleethorpes in advance and the desire to welcome Francis M. was all too evident.

At ‘Think Bubbles’ (Stuart B.’s favourite Women’s Boutique.) local celebrity, Tina, welcomes Mr.O’M.
Outside The Notts XXXX thanks Francis O. for his outstanding dedication.
At McMenamys Town Legend Dave Boleyn passes on his thanks.
Dave Roberts from The Mariners Trust and Kitman Paul, raise an ‘Orange Juice’ in support of the UREP Director.
Lloyd Griffiths appears star-struck at meeting Mr.O.
Even after the game Club Captain James McKeown, found time to pass on the players regards to a rather bashful Francis.

A performance that couldn’t fail to raise optimism was a fitting way to start off the home programme. Recently relegated Bradford City we’re heavily tipped before the seasons start, to return to Division 3, and were thought to provide an early indication of Town’s potential.
The evidence would suggest Town can be genuinely optimistic about the forthcoming season.

To say a team should have won is not as realistic as saying a team could have won. The Mighty Mariners were the better team. The Mighty Mariners will not be bullied this season. The Mighty Mariners appear to possess ‘a great dressing room’ and a real desire. The Mighty Mariners went a goal down - heads didn’t drop and unlike recent times looked distinctly able to fight back and score. In fact, The Mighty Mariners were a little unfortunate not to have collected all three points.

All 11 players (and subs) put in a real shift. All should be mentioned but Town looked fairly solid at the back, were very competitive in midfield, look to have a real threat upfront and as ever when called upon the Club Captain fully justified his recent contract extension.

James Hanson’s equaliser should be the first of a decent return over the forthcoming season and his partnership with Matt Green already holds out much hope.

Histon Mariners Man of the Match : (Pick one from many but) MATT GREEN

Post-match the overriding opinion echoed the above script and The Histon Mariners were particularly pleased to renew acquaintance with Melbourne Mariner Dave Kenwery.

Because of an early rail return south, post-match analysis was shortened but intense. At The New Imperial Club, Top Restaurateur Paul, using his insightful and shrewd outlook was keen to point out the role played by Mr. O’Munnelly, to fellow Mariners.

At the same time Daz was hit with a powerful double onslaught of information and was unable to contain his excitement:

  1. The insightful analysis of top restaurateur Paul.
  2. The news announced by 2 old antiques Phillip S. and Sean that the Histon Mariners would be at Headingly for the Test Match the day prior to GTFC v Port Vale, where 2 old antiques, Nick and Daz would also be...!!!

Jolley Times ahead.


League Cup Round 1 - 13.8.19 GTFC 1 v 0 Doncaster Rovers

17.08.19 Forest Green 1 v 0 GTFC

20.08.19 GTFC 2 v 2 Colchester

24.08.19 GTFC 5 v 2 Port Vale

GTFC v Port Vale Ticket
GTFC v Port Vale Ticket

Unfortunately the eagerly anticipated link up of the Histon Mariners with representatives from the New Imperial Club (Daz, Nick and a couple of old antiques) at Headingly the previous day failed to materialise. Excuses given include difficulty of manoeuvre inside the ground, excess intake of energy drinks, poor phone reception, excessive intake of vitamin C, heatstroke, excessive intake of all liquid refreshment and the need to stay close to the latrines. An opportunity missed but we live to confer another day - as did the England team courtesy of Ben Stokes.

Saturday morning continued the gloriously sunny Bank-Holiday week-end. The Mighty Mariners at home, base camp waiting to receive us, fine refreshment venues to be taken advantage of and attentive hospitality at McMenamys supplemented by superb Haddock & Chips masquerading as Whale & Chips..... it couldn’t get any better - could it?

As ever the excellent Kingsway Hotel welcomed The Histon Mariners with Web-Master, Mr.H. and close associate Walter returning to the scene of past adventures. Anxious to take advantage of the weather, they were soon reminiscing about the “good ole days” over a chilled spring water outside Willy’s.

The Webmaster with the benefit of of considerable inside knowledge was able to update Walter on developments.
Likewise at ‘Think Bubbles’, Tina continued to expand on future plans of The Campaign In Cleethorpes and explain the continuing absence of Stuart B. due to Mrs.B’s year long birthday!

Onto the Trust Bar at Blundel where the Logistics Director met The Jolley Boyz to confirm intricate arrangements for forthcoming excursions to Salford and Plymouth... (to be continued).

Meanwhile, the current Webmaster, Mr. H. met previous incumbent Tef Man in order to compare notes. Walter’s admiration was obvious to all...
Mighty Mariner as ever welcomed The Histon Mariners. Walter could barely hide his emotional admiration as the day continued to unfold.
The level of activity was all consuming but amidst the flurry, Lord Hasland displaying immense calm, not only concluded arrangements for his latest entry into Burke’s Peerage but also outlined plans for the trip to Walsall (which worryingly involved a taxi!)
In McMenamys Akeem Rose and Ludvig Ohman were delighted to welcome Histon Mariner duo Kevin and Dave.

At the end of an even first half the teams went in at 1 v 1. Seemingly the current strategy of giving the opposition a goal start continued - the giving nature of Town was certainly to the fore BUT it needs attention and a remedy.

However, unlike last season when a goal down brought forth the doom-mongers to call for team changes, to sack the manager, to out back-room staff, demand a change of ownership (again), to re-emphasise the need for a new ground, to re-organise the ticket-office staff, to change the ground management team, to oust the outdated Trust Committee and the existing bar arrangements, to press the urgency to increase the transfer budget, update all catering facilities inside Blundel and critically change the positioning of the programme seller on the corner outside Blundel opposite MacDonalds, this season there appears to be belief that Town are more resilient with goals in the team and consequently are never out of the game.

Jordon Cook, playing in mid-field equalised from a free kick and reminded fans that there is often a goal in him. Cook provided a creative alternative in mid-field, hopefully an injury free season will enable him to play a full part in the trawl ahead.

The second half moved up from 1st to 4th gear by virtue of a transformed Town. With The Hess seemingly in control, trickery from Moses Ogbu, James Hanson standing firm up front and Matt Green’s rador, sniffing for goals, The Mighty Mariners produced 4 second half goals

  • A poachers finish from Ogbu AND a world-class celebration.
  • From a counter attack, engineered by Pollock’s towering header, Matt Green’s clinical finish was another quality goal which Town fans are starting to get used to from him.
  • Luke Waterfall’s well directed header, re-emphasised Town’s airial presence at set pieces.
  • James Hanson’s controlled finish owed all to the lightning pace and accurate setting up of Max Wright.

Histon Mariners Man of the Match : MOSES OGBU

(for the goal celebration alone)

Before the match it was thought the day could not get any better......

.......after the match, The Mighty Mariners were in the play off plaices and Division 4’s highest goal scorers. Lincoln had lost. Scunthorpe had lost. Cambridge had lost. Manure Utd had lost. Continued sunshine at Cleethorpes, analysis and recuperation at the finest refreshment venues still to come. had got better (and England were still fighting, the Ashes were not lost yet!!!)

Post match, Messrs Hoppett & Thompson, the well known double act, took advantage of a quiet moment in The Trust Bar to reflect on the days proceedings, taking onboard insightful contributions from The Old Gits.

The contribution made to post-match analysis by the The Ole Gits should never be under estimated. It invariably reflects their vast experience accumulated over many many years, their ability to conceptualise proceedings born from their multi-talented abilities across the sporting spectrum, and is always gladly taken on board by the Histon Mariners.
Here Pete, Paul and Stuart (not Mary) risk elevating discussions about “Leaving On A Jet Plane” without any contribution from Judith C.

Jolley Boy Paul took the opportunity to introduce fellow legend James Hansont to the Histon Mariners......
.....whilst Paul continued confidential discussions elsewhere, Jordon Cook thanked Big Dave and the Webmaster for their ongoing efforts.

Ongoing analysis at The New Imperial Club as ever proved enlightened and informative. The whirlwind nature of the days proceedings had at some point to ease-up and no more suitable venue than Dock Beers provided Walter and Mr. H with the appropriate surroundings to rehydrate, recap and fully absorb the days proceedings.

See : Dock Beers

Unrelentingly The Histon Mariners marched onto The Notts and in conference with Senior Cleethorpes Impressario Nigel Lowther, continued to discuss, plan and formulate aspects of future elements of The Campaign.

See :

It can only be admired that the self sacrifice, mental torment and physical toll endured by The Histon Mariners is taken on by its members for the collective good. The ongoing support from those often cited in these reports only adds weight (considerable) and experience (decades) to the ongoing efforts and is always appreciated.

Outside Willy’s the intrepid duo finally unwind with a cup of Horlicks before retiring.

N.B. A conspicuous clue suggests that once again Roy Cropper was ‘in the chair’.

The morning after the night before saw a continuation of the magnificent weather. Jake and Elwood took time to partake of the Mediterranean Sunshine - albeit behind significant shades - and bask in the knowledge that “The Band Looked Back Together”


League Cup Round 2 - 27.08.19 GTFC v Macclesfield Town

Appreciation of the influence of Town’s latest signing Luke Waterfall has until now probably been underestimated. There can be no doubt from here on in.

The match was abandoned during half-time because of a deluge that left the hallowed turf resembling a rice field.

Town are in the hat for Round 3....!!!

Onwards and Upwards

31.08.2019 Walsall 1 v 3 GTFC

GTFC Ticket
Walsall v GTFC Ticket

The first official awayday of the season for The Histon Mariners witnessed their first visit to the home of The Saddlers, the Bescot Stadium which replaced Fellows Park in 1990.

Britains first Wurlitzer theatre organ was unveiled in The New Picture House Cinema Walsall, in 1908. Walsall’s breweries include Beowulf and The Backyard Brewhouse.

Like so many clubs - Bury being simply the latest - Walsall has had its share of off-field shenanigans. From the original amalgamation of Walsall Swifts and Walsall Town in 1888, through to the ‘harebrained’ ground-share scheme with Wolves, which gave rise to to the successful, ‘Save Walsall Action Group’ in 1982.
Walsall acquired Leigh Pomlett as new owner in July 2019 following the end of Jeff Bonser’s 28 year leadership.

Players for both clubs include Chris Nichol, Jordon Cook, Andy Cook and Simeon Jackson. But the stand out footballing connection has to be the management of Alan Buckley whose 1000+ games managed include 337 for Walsall and 600 for The Mighty Mariners. Also as the fruits of Neil Woods labours appear to be growing by the day, his youth work at both clubs should not be underestimated.

Pre-arranged strategic manoeuvres began at Birmingham New Street where Lord Hasland assisted by TefMan appeared naturally at ease ‘in control of proceedings’.

The Post Office Vaults a most agreeable prematch venue.
TM proposes a toast to optimism, which caused some amusement to the Earl.
Enroute to the Bescott, Wakefield Mariner Jason, was astonished at the extent of TefMans optimism who predicted a victory by 2 goals.

The B&W Army (772) once again made its presence felt with cautious optimism to the fore.

The well known double act ‘The Voices Of Reason’, gave the thumbs up for Towns prospects - we thank them both for curtailing their travel arrangements in order to attend together.
Agent 007.5 out of necessity keeping a low profile, witnesses fledgling agent Rebekah’s more open attitude.

The Campaign enthusiastically embraces inter-club relations, no more so than in the current climate exemplified by the fortunes of Bury and Bolton Wanderers. Many other clubs are experiencing very testing circumstances, The Spirites being one. Long standing admirer of The Histon Mariners Campaign has been Chesterfield Joe. It was as ever great to see him at The Bescot Stadium and in particular Akeem Rose’s magnificent gesture in welcoming him on behalf of the The Mighty Mariners.

The Histon Mariners deplore social media attacks on C.J. His admiration of Town’s progress and embracing of The Campaign enables him to feel increasingly at home with The Mariners at a time of turmoil at the Proact Stadium. Cynics may think otherwise but any inheritance due, will be scrupulously administered by The Earl’s Legal and Financial Team ...!

“We’ll give you a lead,
We’ll give you a lead,
We’re Grimsby Town,
  We’ll give you a lead.”

It only took 5 minutes for Town’s benevolence to emerge again. Whilst the soft goal gave the Saddlers a lead, such is the growing feeling within the B&W Army, that “Game on” rather than “Here we go again” appeared to be the order of the day.
The Mighty Mariner response was immediate and Matt Green was soon denied by a great save. Driven on as ever by The Hess and with Elliot Hewitt’s contribution becoming more apparent game by game, Town were the better side in the first half and deserved the equaliser from Elliot Whitehouse.
Unsurprisingly the home side tried to grasp the initiative after the break. Ohman and Waterfall belied the fact that this was the first time their partnership had been tested and Mckeown was not seriously tested.
Matt Green put the ball on a plate for the very impressive James Hanson, to roll back the years and powerfully head Town into the lead.
Substitute Max Wright - in the process of earning the title SuperSub - using his pace won a penalty which Hanson converted and in the process secured another 3 points.

Grimsby Town the leagues top scorers.
James Hanson top scorer in the league.

Histon Mariners Man of the Match : JAMES HANSON

A terrific 3 points, a very encouraging performance, evident resilience, a proper goal threat and a team spirit that looks very positive. The B&W Army deserves to grow in confidence but hopefully restrains expectations within realistic boundaries.

Such is the confidence that abounds, after the match even Caistor Mariner, Pez was able to sitback and relax!


WALSALL PIE REPORT - None available! 0/10. (Surprised at away following!)
                                       - Alternative Cheeseburger 1/10. (1 for availability. Particularly poor.
                                                                                              Unlikely to find worse this season)


Michael Jolley’s B&W Army marches on its stomach.

The Histon Mariners can only deplore the situation that Bury finds itself in. It appears at this stage that the best that can be hoped for is another club, out of necessity, rising from the ashes - it is difficult to see any other scenario. We wish them good luck. Bury must be the tip of a sizeable iceberg - 72 clubs increasingly distanced from Premier treasures. Be very very careful what is wished for..... Trophy 03.09.2019 GTFC 1 v 2 Scunthorpe United

07.09.2019 GTFC v Crewe Alexandra

League Cup Round 2 10.09.2019 GTFC v Macclesfield Town

14.09.2019 Oldham Athletic v GTFC

Up The Mariners! 

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