2011 - 2012 : Shorty & Shouty

16.08.11 Braintree Town 5 v 0 Grimsby Town

Braintree Town v Grimsby Town Ticket Braintree Town v Grimsby Town Ticket
Braintree Town v Grimsby Town Tickets

After ‘the life on an ocean wave’, the sledge-hammer of reality hit home — from The Great Baltic Adventure to.....Braintree!
Awash with new season optimism, on a marvellous summer evening, Ray ‘The Fish’ and the Innkeeper took the opportunity to take the short trip from The Red Lion Histon to Cressing Road. The journey to Essex witnessed the predictable analysis that foresaw a successful campaign culminating in a return to the football league. The conversation also recognised the extent of the wider Football Family.
20 years previously Braintree were promoted to the Southern League Southern Division, after 4 years as runners up in the Eastern Counties League. In the same season The Mighty Mariners were promoted to the 2nd Division from Division 3. At that time it would have needed a huge leap of imagination to foresee the two sides competing in the same division. By 2011 the two sides were competing as equals. The intrepid duo representing The Histon Mariners were appreciative of the circumstances and welcomed the challenge. However preconceived perceptions are often difficult to overcome and naturally shaped hopes and expectations.

Most Mariners were able to add Cressing Road to their list of grounds visited. Numbers were heavily supplemented by the many exiled Mariners.

Regular visitor to The Red Lion TescoMan together with Islington Mariner President, Mike Pollard (aka ‘Cleethorpes Promenade Mariner’) joined Chesterfield Mariner Ian Fitz. at The Orange Tree. The Fish and Innkeeper were not surprised at the continued absence of Mr. Jewell.

Lord Roy ever ‘a man of the people’ displayed great humility by collecting drinks.

The Innkeeper and The Fish whilst attempting to keep a low profile were equally grateful for the good wishes from Mariner and Iron supporters alike for The Campaign on behalf of Real Football.

                        It would be fair to say things did not go as expected.

Braintree deserved to be playing in the 5th Division because of their recent successful ascent up the football pyramid. The Mighty Mariners deserved to be playing in the 5th Division because of their inability to arrest their descent down the football pyramid.

After 20 minutes Town were well on top, several shots on target, the woodwork hit, a good penalty appeal turned down and the opposing keeper in good form.

However this game will be long spoken about in the future, The Histon Mariners will have an equally scarred memory -
    - The catering facilities were fairly rudimentary with one ‘senior young lady’ preparing burgers. The Innkeeper volunteered to go for food and drink 5 minutes before half-time, aiming to head the queue.
    - A goal after 43 minutes (not seen). A goal in the 45 minute (not seen). 2 v 0 down at half-time.
    - The start of the second half and still in the queue.
    - A goal in the 53rd minute (unseen on the way back)
    - Back in situ, a 4th goal whilst finishing the burger.
    - Stunned silence, full-time approached, time to go.
    - 91st minute, a 5th goal, final whistle, journey home to look forward too.
      Grimsby Town bottom of The Blue Square Conference.......!!!

An episode probably worth ending at that point - except probably worth noting a shell-shocked Ray and Innkeeper barely spoke for the 50 minute journey back to Cambridgeshire, certainly not for the first 20 minutes.

19.11.11 Grimsby Town 2 v 2 Newport County

GTFC v Newport County Ticket
GTFC v Newport County Ticket

Official business was resumed against Newport......just!
The Innkeeper was due to return from another Chairman inspired international mission, this time to Antigua. Confusion stemming from misreading of the 24 hour clock resulted in the flight time being12 hours amiss thus endangering planned manoeuvres. The Chairman resolved with Sir Richard B., a change of flight that enabled the days campaigning to continue as planned.

Landing at Gatwick at 06.15 and being ready at The Red Lion Histon for collection, at the precise leaving time of 08.17 was a challenge. Eventually collection and departure was made at 08.35. The departure 18 minutes later than the lucky routine demanded proved a great concern. Concerns were further heightened by Neville consuming 1 of his regulation 7 cancer sticks at the wrong time/place - the omens were obviously worrying.

The Innkeeper presented his report from Antigua on the journey north but the deviation from his established routine continued to cause The Chairman mental anguish. He had hoped to get back on track by making up for lost time on the journey north. Despite the pressures, The Chairman remembered to take the wrong exit immediately prior to the A46 turning and announce the Greenfield Roundabout at Balderton had been well attended too. The Dean consumed his packet of Fruit Pastilles with quiet efficiency.

After booking into The Kingsway, The Histon Mariners gathered at Willy’s.

The Chairman recovered some composure despite only making up 7 of the18 “lost minutes!”
The Deans fitness programme was rigidly adhered to.
The President welcomed debutant Brummie Mariner Bob Hind.

Bob’s enthusiasm in the previous season at Cambridge had been noted and it was no surprise that he decided to throw his lot into The Campaign. Mr. L. had taken on commitments elsewhere and Brummie Bob was immediately affirmed as an excellent potential replacement.

The Dean of Fitness found himself in considerable demand on arrival at McMenemys.

Given the mental trauma endured by The Chairman, The Dean was keen to ensure he followed regulation hydration procedures.
Injured stars Michael Coulson and Gary Silk were keen to benefit from The Deans experience.
After their consultation the injured duo welcomed the debutant Brummie and ‘Pup’ JohnBoy.

An awful start from Town who conceded after 2 and again after 17 minutes. The level of concern, witnessed unusually a re-shuffle before half-time. Most of the team were eligible for withdrawal, but a change of formation meant Andi Thanoj and Charlie I’Anson gave way to Anthony Elding and Sean Pearson.
A second half revival produced a Serge Makofo goal after 79 minutes and an equalising Elding penalty 3 minutes from time.

The evidence of commitment after the early setbacks was pleasing.
The decisive action, taken promptly on realisation of the problems proved game-changing.
The prompt decisive action had to be viewed as positive and as such very encouraging. As a consequence an uplifting visit to the New Imperial Club was very much anticipated.

Initially at The New Imperial the Chairman’s blood was boiling.
Fortunately The Dean was on hand to administer therapy.
New Imperial LegEnds Paul and Andy were delighted to welcome The HM’s and in particular witness the remarkable fortitude of Neville.
After a raucous and hearty welcome, Bobs commitment to The Campaign was truly cemented. Over a cream soda Bob referred to The President, “That welcome made me feel like a celebrity” - a comment that would attract much mirth for a long time to come!

Only a brief visit to Number 1 Pub was possible because of the Chairman’s determination to spend time at The Smugglers and update Landlady Julie.

An immediate briefing to an enthralled Landlady, who was as ever fascinated about The Mighty Mariners.
Regular Smugglers Cooky, Joels and S.G.T.
Stevenson could barely believe their luck on attaining an audience with both the Chairman and President.

The days successful manoeuvres were toasted at Willy’s - the Chairman retired to The Kingsway to all intent and purposes in a ‘contented frame of mind.’
Next morning over breakfast, despite intense anxiety about getting back for opening time at The Red Lion, the Chairman announced, “Keep the faith. It may appear all is not perfect but having watched The Mighty Mariners over six different decades, the signs are there!”

Despite personal suffering, The Chairman demonstrated immense courage in pushing forth The Campaign.
Luckily The Dean was on hand to provide reassurance.

10.01.12 Cambridge UTD 0 v 1 Grimsby Town

Cambridge UTD v GTFC Ticket
Cambridge UTD v GTFC Ticket

As The Mariners descended on Cambridge, the increasing awareness of The Campaign was evident via the rampant expectations throughout East Anglia.

Ardent U Tom, a great supporter of the equivocal interim manager Jez George, met up with Ray ‘The Fish’ at The Red Lion, to talk the usual rubbish that all Real Football Supporters indulge.

Tom’s excitement was clear for all to see.
Tom’s glass was clearly over-flowing. His bold prediction after 30 minutes - goals from Gash and an own goal - begged the question, “Why ?” His answer, “... I’m confident after listening to Jez (George).”

Prematch hospitality was booked at The Abbey Stadium’s Dublin Suite.

The wider Football Family was evident for all to see. President Maurice took the opportunity to pass on the benefit of his vast experience to Tom.

Newly appointed Bob Hine displayed highly conspicuous efforts to energise fellow converts. In the absence of Recruitment Officer Mr. L., (on alternative manoeuvres), Red Lion regular but newcomer to The Campaign Scouse Ian, was closely scrutinised by Bob as a potential recruit.

Scouser Ian Doran as a 12 year old played Johnny Coyne in Ken Loach’s 9th Wednesday Play “ The Golden Vision “ (B.B.C. 17/4/1968). The play was about Evertonians and centre forward Alex Young (aka “The Golden Vision”). Amazingly Ian had rarely been heard to mention the play, though he did have many other instantly forgettable stories to relate.

Scouse Ian, (“I’ve always had a soft spot for The Mariners......!”) was totally as expected, talking a lot and also about The Campaign. Bob proved remarkably patient but after an hour and 37 minutes of listening had to interrupt Ian because of the impending kick-off.

Town arrived at The Abbey Stadium in tremendous form. Since loosing 0 v 1 to Luton on Oct. 21, in all completions The Mighty Mariners record was, P15 W9 D5 L1 GD +21.
Cambridge had lost only once at home in the season.

The opening 10 minutes of Cambridge pressure was intensified as everything seemed to go their way. A few chances for the U’s but 2 good saves from McKeown maintained a 0 v 0 scoreline.

When the tide turned Elding was upended by a clutch of Cambridge players and the referee well placed pointed decisively at the penalty spot. But an on field review persuaded the referee to consult the linesman. A lengthy review in front of the muted U’s supporters incredibly saw the penalty rescinded and a drop ball awarded....!
After this Town appeared to move up a gear. For 20 minutes most of the play was in the opposition half. Coulson and Hearn combined to create a goal for Elding, which was just deserts for the penalty decision.

In the second half Town looked like a team with purpose, passing and power in their play. Miller and Garner were commanding at the back.
The Ginger Pirlo prompted and scurried in midfield ably assisted by Frankie Artus. Hearn ran opponents off the park and Elding refused to be bullied.
The Cambridge passing game, which had threatened in the opening 10 minutes disintegrated. All was observed in relative silence from the Abbey faithful. From the outset the different level of support ( 2000 U’s v 425 Mariners ) was clearly audible.

A momentous 0 v 1 victory was just deserts for a very good performance.
Rob Scott, now better known as ‘Shouty’, was particularly vociferous in keeping the Mariners on their toes. Presumably ‘Shorty’ kept the ship on an even keel.
U’s manager Jez George, despite being offered ‘constructive advice’ from the Histon Mariners from behind the home dug-out...! appeared ever more frantic as the realisation slowly sunk in that his team were doomed.

Overall the performance confirmed that Shorty & Shouty’s work in progress was assuredly beginning to take shape. The Mighty Mariners set about ‘doing a job’. Cambridge put plenty of effort into preserving their excellent home record but never seriously threatened.

Results and performances were now suggesting that stabile management was paying dividends. It was now permissible to justifiably expect - as opposed to hope - for a continued upturn in fortune. The fickle could now return to the fold, with realistic expectations. The half-empty glass doom-mongers would naturally continue to lament ‘the kit is wrong’, ‘Dave Moore uses the wrong sponge’, the burgers are shit etc., but their opinions were becoming increasingly tenuous.

John Fenty celebrated with The President. The Innkeeper looked on.
Brummie Bob’s ‘Bream(ing)’ smile spoke volumes. The Fish, The President and Chair acknowledged a work in progress.
Barry Fry sought out The Innkeeper to congratulate The Histon Mariners on a ‘Brill’ Football Occasion and a great result.
Goalscorer Anthony Elding caught up with The Innkeeper. With no time to rest, they briefly discussed future manoeuvres.

A most satisfying episode in the rich tapestry of Real Football. Before Christmas, The Chairman had pleaded to hold fast “...the signs are there,” his views were now being considered prophetic. It is such experience and insight that underpins his inspirational leadership.

Meanwhile Thomas, though on the wrong side of the result, shared with Ray The Fish, the belief in the more important matters that unite rather than divide Real Football Fans.


03.03.12 Grimsby Town 1 v 1 Braintree

GTFC v Braintree Ticket
GTFC v Braintree Ticket

Last minute rearrangements had The Chairman frantic about a change in his routine. Without any pre-warning ‘The Beast Of Bar Hill’ commandeered The Dean for an alternative expedition. The command of a higher authority could not be ignored. Without The Dean, The Chairman had concerns for the overall fitness and well-being of the assembled squad.

Mattie and Brummie Bob sought to con’Sole’ a forlorn Chairman about the
enforced changes to his routine, prior to leaving Histon H.Q.

The Chairman, slightly off-balance without The Dean, missed one of his regulation seven cancer-sticks because at the due point he had no one to remind him and by the time he realised, the moment was lost. Never one to ignore technology, The Chairman had invested in SatNav but as routine dictated he insisted on inspecting the Greenfields roundabout at Balderton prior to taking the correct A46 turnoff to Lincoln.

In a radical departure from the usual route The Chairman decided for the benefit of Brummie Bob, on a wonderfully nostalgic but educational tour of The Wolds. Riveting commentary from The President (North Thoresby) and The Chairman (Grainthorpe) brought forth stories, facts and memories a plenty as they drove through Reepham, Wragby (where the SatNav “got it wrong again ! ”), Hainton, Ludborough, North Thoresby and Scartho.
Memories from North Thoresby recalled assignations at The Marquis of Granby, romantic liaisons at Village Hall dances and abundant soirées at The New Inn (a Hewitts house).

Not to be outdone, The Chairman re-called his military days at North Cotes - details were a little sparse because of The Military Secrets Act. Perhaps most interesting were his recollections about The Plough at Tetney, where his Nan accompanied him for a dandelion & burdock and packet of twiglets.

Maurice and Bob gave a marvellous show of unity near Ludborough.

At Cleethorpes HQ The Kingsway Hotel, Proprietors Chris and Dave Harris, were delighted to accommodate The Chairman’s request for a room with a sea view for the newly appointed Brummie. The President and Innkeeper were confused by such unusually altruistic efforts from The Chairman...

Routine was firmly re-established at the inimitable Willy’s when the Chairman conducted his price comparison with South Cambridgeshire and announced his verdict on the quality of the refreshments. Meanwhile the President conferred with an entranced Brummie and the Logistics Director.

On arrival at Blundell, John Fenty made a special effort to welcome a rather tanned Brummie.
The tanned Brummie was further bowled over when Smudger Smith introduced Frankie Artus and Bradley Wood.
Pup John Boy remained in awe.

The importance of the Youth Development Programme continued to form an essential conduit to the wider Football Family. Local Pups Sophie and JohnBoy were clearly struggling to stay awake when listening to the mumblings of Maurice about past glories and liaisons.

After waking up from the Presidents inspirational pep-talk, JohnBoy analysed team selection.

Chesterfield Mariners met up with The Histon Mariners to exchange nonsense, invaluable intelligence and ponder the days game. Unusually His Lordship’s glass appeared in need of replenishment - it could safely be assumed such an occurrence was a reflection of a desire for hydration rather than a half-empty view on Towns fortunes.

The game against Braintree was a great opportunity for Shorty and Shouty to push The Mariners towards the Playoff Plaices. For the Innkeeper and Ray “The Fish” the memories of the August excursion to Cressing Road were still raw, they consequently urged caution. The game was the opportunity to expunge those memories.

For the Irons, whilst playing against equal opponents, trips to ‘league’ grounds such as Blundell with sizeable crowds provided inspiration that often frustrated opponents.
Braintree arrived with a game plan that caused much consternation amongst the Blundell faithful. Calling the first half uneventful would be kind. McKeown had as little to do as would be likely in any half all season.

So poor was the first half, the Chairman disappeared at half-time only to reveal later his visit to the home dressing room. The contents of his conversation can only be surmised ....

At half-time the stressed Chairman contemplated second half options.

All square at half-time provided a perfect opportunity for ‘the half-full’ brigade to start bleating. The simple truth is - and it has been a hard lesson leant - that for many Division 5 teams playing at Blundell is viewed as a big match for which players often raise their game.
It is not for such teams to play open expansive attacking football that would present opportunities for The Mighty Mariners to dominate.

In spite of Nevilles best efforts Braintree took the lead 10 minutes into the second half. A wonder strike from ‘Hitman Hearn’ restored parity.
The final sharing of points confirmed the Essex visitors, in many peoples eyes as ‘Towns bogey team.’

The Chairman advised to forget about these experiences because next season he hoped The Irons and Mariners would be in different divisions....

At The New Imperial a raucous welcome for The Histon Mariners was warmly appreciated by the tanned Brummie who declared “ Its like being a celebrity !!!?!!??!!!”

The Innkeeper tried to explain Nevilles ability to provide unique leadership whilst remaining one of the people, to New Imp hostess Linda.
Linda a great supporter of the HM, was gob-struck at The Chairs abilities and half-time antics.

However the raucous welcome was dwarfed when The President committed a blasphemous faux pas by talking of Nigel Adkins being a Mariner. The explosion of incredulous bawling aimed at Maurice, given that Adkins was heavily associated with Scunthorpe could have been a very difficult situation. But the goodwill towards The Histon Mariners prevailed and The Presidents defensive plea of advanced senility was readily accepted which quickly enabled normal service to be resumed before leaving in great heart for Schooners.

Whilst Ken and Christine the owners of Schooners discussed future strategy and objectives with Maurice and Neville...

...curiously eccentric ‘Fatboy’ Dave, commandeered the Innkeeper to enquire about some of the more obscure elements of The Campaign.
...the absent Mr. L. had endangered recruitment possibilities to be missed. A fired-up Bob stepped into the breach.
The Brummies willingness could not be questioned but as yet not quite in the same class as his predecessors lothario status.

Onto The Nottingham House where reposeful impresario exiled Scotsman Billy McAnderson, who amidst thongs of expectant patrons was calmly waiting for the arrival of The Histon Mariners.

On arrival, The President and Chairman magnanimously stood aside to allow others to receive the plaudits from the assembled crowd.

A ‘reluctant Innkeeper’ grasped the microphone to speak to the apathetic patrons.
The Innkeeper ‘entertained’ the masses with incomprehensible renditions of songs that no-one could identify.
The Innkeepers ability to make a ‘sprat’ of himself surprised no one.

“Billy ‘Braveheart’ McAnderson could not have been more appreciative of the Innkeepers efforts and gave his full support to the Chairman’s suggestion that the Innkeeper moved onto The Smugglers. The Chairman attempted to raise The Innkeepers awareness of the impact of his performance at The Notts warning him that a repeat was likely to create the same reaction at the home of the Cleethorpes & District Pool Champions.

At top sporting venue The Smugglers, staff couldn't contain their excitement as The HM arrived.
Landlady Julie was apprehensive about the Innkeepers performance.
Though acting Koi, the Innkeeper seemed desperate to take the mike.
Even Bob the Brum’s enthusiasm was curbed as he shared the Landlady’s concern.
An unaware Innkeeper warbled away.
Unbelievably some individuals appeared “in tune” with the “star.”

An exceptional day and a memorable evening...! The standing of The Histon Mariners in Cleethorpes would certainly be on a different plane after the days events!

The disruption in the Chairmans routine was surmounted with relative ease - though as all like minded people the disappointing result on the day was always blamed on the days change in routine. Had there been a positive result, the changed routine would never be mentioned or would necessitate the adoption of the changes as the routine.

All was achieved without the enforced absence of The Dean of Fitness and Restoration Projects.
He had been sorely missed. Fortunately it was later reported that all was well and he was told he had enjoyed himself elsewhere....

The Dean clearly enjoying himself with Beast of Bar Hill
(aka The Bar Hill Battleaxe).

31.03.12 Grimsby Town 1 v 2 Kidderminster

GTFC v Kidderminster Ticket
GTFC v Kidderminster Ticket

A very unusual venture was taken on by the Chairman. Not only did he overcome his aversion to a day trip to Blundell but also travelling without the Dean. Concerns were voiced about such a radical deviation from normality. But the 08.17 departure time was adhered to: seven pre-rolled fags were burnt at the appropriate point and the roundabout inspection despite SatNav instructions was dutifully carried out.

Two crucial factors provided an explanation for the unusual venture,

  1. The Chairman's thoughts and advice against Braintree had been greatly appreciated by Paul Hurst and Rob Scott.  The importance of the latest fixture necessitated use of every available resource.
    The Chairman made himself readily available but preached caution, reminding all of the long-term nature of The Campaign and not get over anxious about the here and now.

The Chairman spread words of wisdom to anyone who could be bothered to listen.
  1. Such had been the impact of The Histon Mariners movement in East Anglia, a growing demand for Willy’s Original as brewed in Cleethorpes had proved unquenchable.
    Owner/brewer/legend Bill Parkinson had been a supporter of The Histon Mariners from the outset and was delighted to be able to facilitate proceedings.
The Chair and Innkeeper loading Willy’s Original destined for The Red Lion, Histon.

At Blundell the intrepid duo met up with Ray ‘The Fish’ who reported on his Youth Programme.
Appreciative of the Chairman’s excursion north Gary Silk and Scott Garner met The Histon Mariners on behalf of the team.

1 v 0 up at half-time virtue of Andy Wright. The Harriers equalised 10 minutes into the second half. Shared points looked likely until Town conceded 2 minutes into added time.
Very little else to add. The season felt effectively over.

The Chairman’s caution and vision of the long-term resonated. After brief (very brief) recuperation at The New Imperial, haste became the order of the day - The Red Lion awaited.
The defeat had clearly been the fault of The BarHill Battleaxe, who had given The Dean alternative duties to perform rather than act as co-pilot and pass the Fruit Pastilles to the smoking Chair.

The Campaign as a two pronged matter continues both on and off the pitch.


28.04.12 Grimsby Town 0 v 1 Southport

GTFC v Southport Ticket
GTFC v Southport Ticket

The Chairman declared he was “happy” the tried and trusted match-day routine was to be adhered to - even though it varied to a smaller or lesser extent every game.

The last game of the season gave The President, The Chairman, Director of Fitness and newly appointed Recruitment Officer (Wet Midlands Division) the ideal opportunity to reflect on Shorty & Shouty’s first season and review plans for 2012-2013.

Pre-match refreshments gave The Dean the ideal opportunity to update the HM on The Beast of Bar Hill.

Landlady Margaret at Willy’s, was delighted to see The Dean back in full flow and re-iterated Willy’s full backing for The Histon Mariners Campaign.

At Blundell, John Fenty met up with the President and Chairman and was delighted to hear of Margaret from Willy’s being in full support for the Mariners. He had to admit to a degree of concern over the increasing interference from ‘The Bar Hill Battleaxe’. Mr. Fenty like everyone else was fully appreciative of the increasing importance of the role of fitness and preparation.

On hearing The Dean was on parade a relived John Fenty welcomed The President and Chair.
Injured duo Charlie I’Anson and Serge Makofo were relieved to see The Dean on parade.
Dave Smith and Mariner Legend Leeson acknowledge the progress being made by Fingerling JohnBoy.

There was a huge privilege in store for The Histon Mariners when Mr. Lee Pearce, legendary life-long supporter who really had been supporting Town since the King was on the throne. Lesson had obviously witnessed so much over the, years and considered the work and support of The Histon Mariners as an exciting development. His memories were immense from George Tweedy through to Craig Disley, Bill Shankly, Lew Chatterley, promotions and relegations - the depth of his memories were truly awesome and The Histon Mariners were proud of his encouragement.

Prior to kick-off The President made a few pointers to the Brummie Bob.
Bob clearly took on board the wisdom passed on, as the this snapshot of total bewilderment illustrated.
N.B. ‘The Fish’ in deep thought as he dreamt of ‘A Brave Knew World.’

An end of season game. - Nothing meaningful to play for” - except paying supporters and pride and possibly new contacts. If so, it might explain Frankie Artus having a busy afternoon. He was though an exception. With the holidays on the horizon, a low-intensity affair could reasonably have been predicted. Despite having nothing to loose, The Sandbaggers sat back seemingly determined not to loose. 0 v 0 at half-time.

A second half very much in the same vein until in the dying minutes, when Southport must have thought the game was ending as they ventured out of their own half towards their 148 fans behind McKeown. Unfortunately for Town, The Sandbaggers took the ball with them and put it behind McKeown to secure the 3 points.

At the end of the game The Mighty Mariners took the opportunity to applaud the The Histon Mariners in recognition of support over the past season but The Histon Mariners by virtue of the unique idiosyncratic Curmudgeon, Chairman Neville, would very soon be switching attention to the future.

In the great scheme of things the result was secondary. The Chairman had consistently preached the importance of long-term strategic planning and fully recognised the building blocks put in place by Hurst & Scott.

Post-match, Legend Dave Boleyn joined the post-match analysis forum at The New Imperial. His valuable input was welcomed and he immediately struck an accord with The Chairman. After agreeing the past season had been one of much needed stability and consolidation, Shorty and Shouty were now in a stronger position to launch a serious promotion push in 2012-13 - glasses were certainly half-full.

Imperial Linda, as ever a great supporter of HM, reiterated her support for 2012-13.

From The Imperial to Schooners, where no doubt ‘fat boy’ Dave would be excited about the imminent arrival of the HM. But the major talking point was the continued extraordinary impact that Brummie Bob was having on The Campaign. At Schooners, Bob effortlessly slipped into recruitment mode, giving a clear indication that he was ready to assume the mantle from his marauding predecessor Mr. L.

The Brummie had laboured conversations with Mel (and Adam, constantly confined to the ‘dog- house’) Mel, appreciative of the Bob’s wonderfully compassionate ear, proceeded to recount the intimate details of her labour and birth of her daughter, Brooke.

Mel explained in graphic detail, her 20 hour labour, the emergency C Section and the 3 full epidurals. The eventual arrival of 7lb 1oz Brooke left Bob totally dumbfounded.
Bobs labours proved admirable.
His recruitment of Mel (and it is thought Brooke) was beyond the call of duty.
N.B. ‘Poor old Adam’ momentarily out of the ‘dog-house’ hiding behind Mel.

After such an intense, laboured session at Schooners, The Notts Scots enclave, was anticipated as being a little less laboured with more jocularity.

The Chairman was enthusiastically greeted by Billy McAnderson, who expressed concerns about the emergence of The Beast of Bar Hill.
The Dean toasted the absence of ‘The Battleaxe.’ He reassured all, of his continued commitment ....as long as she allowed!
Billy Mc. asked about a repeat performance from The Innkeeper (See. v Braintree 03-03-12) Maurice and Bob explain such performances are thankfully rare.

The final point of call for the 2011-12 season was understandably The Smugglers.

The Chair, looked surprisingly at ease as he grabbed a few precious moments to reflect on the past season.
Landlady Julie could not wait to hear his words of wisdom!

As the 2011-2012 season drew to its end, the 2012-13 season would effectively start the following day. Plans were already in an embryonic state domestically and Mattie would continue to spearhead The Chairs international vision.

*   *   *   *   *

                 — A celebratory Histon Mariner Gala Dinner was held 2-6-12 at La Mimosa Cambridge.

                 — News of The Deans preparation for 2012-13 emerged.

                 — The Beast of Bar Hill ‘took care’ of The Deans recuperation.......
                                            ........ the results are waited for with eager anticipation.

The Beast of Bar Hill brought forth comparisons with Cathy Bates in the film “ Misery”.
It is hoped The Dean makes a full recovery.
The Chairman held on-going negotiations with The Beast. His flexibility and willingness to explore all feasible solutions could only enhance an already dubious reputation.

Keep The Faith!


Up The Mariners! 

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